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The Klassroom

The Klassroom is the educational department of The Klassic Brand; where the artist development courses take place.

Students have 2 courses that they can take together or separately, to cultivate their art and 2 events to put into the practice the lessons taught in said courses; thus creating the “The Four Corners of the Klassroom”

How to inquire about services

IG- @Klassic_Kman @TheKlassicBrand



“Art of the Groove” are our group improv classes where we learn different concepts to enhance artistic execution and apply those concepts through the use of grooves from different styles and time periods. Students will use affirmations provided to come up with song concepts that reflect their artistic identity.


“Vocals with Klass” is the private voice studio of Klassic K-Man; where students get one on one courses from a curriculum tailored to their artistry. Artists will learn vocal techniques as well as tools to enhance their ability to pick songs that are appropriate to their artistry, arrangement/songwriting training, and tools to communicate with musicians/bgvs/producers/etc..

(Rhythmic Expressions, Comfortable Elevations, and Soul Slaps)

“R.E.C.E.S.S.” is our reoccurring jam session; a community event where artists and art enthusiasts gather together under one groove to network with each other, relax, and most importantly, enjoy each other’s artistic expressions.


“The Assembly” is our quarterly artist showcase exclusively to the students of “Vocals with Klass”. Here, artists who have been taking private lessons can show their supporters the growth of their artistry and the status of their artistic development. Each assembly will consist of four 3 song sets; created solely by the students and performed with a live band

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