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What is the klassic brand?

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The Klassic Brand is an artist development hub for people to start the journey to discover their artistic identities. 

ORigins of the klassic brand


In November 2018, Ekela Dixon gave Kaleb A. Hopkins the opportunity to become a teacher within her artist development company called "The Voice Box". In Februrary 2019, he debuted his series of group master classes called "Art of the Groove". Artists from different genres and styles came together monthly with the anticipation that their artistry would be challenged and conditioned because they would leave differently than when they came in. 

In March 2020, the world stopped as we all had a common adversary to face; COVID 19. The momentum that Art of the Groove was on came to a complete halt but the assignment given to him was still being written. In August 2019, he received a vision for an artist development plan of his own and after making sense of the vision, in October 2020, he launched "The Klassic Brand".

Even though "The Klassic Brand" is still in its infancy, Kaleb A. Hopkins aka Klassic K-Man has been a consultant for various productions such as " The Pursuit Jam Session", "ThatHousePartyTho", "The Voice Box", "Palindrome Arts Collective", "Cafe Open Mic" and "Frequence" to name a few.  The main mission of this company is to hone the skills needed to complete the assignment your artistry comes with. Every artist has a story, and your audience wants to experience YOURS. Through the combination of lessons and performance opportunities, This space is a great opportunity to explore the depths of your artistry.

The man behind
the klassic brand

Kaleb Alexander Hopkins, a New York City native, is a singer of various backgrounds (Opera, Jazz, R&B). Born with a speech impediment, music was the vehicle that gifted him the power of speech. Frank Sinatra School of the Arts is where he would be introduced to Opera and later studied at the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. Also, he studied Jazz at the Brooklyn Campus of LIU.


He’s had toured with choirs such as the formerly known Collegiate Chorale and Chorale le Chateau. In 2009, He performed with Jazz at Lincoln Center for the first time; singing Wynton Marsalis’s “All Rise”. He would later perform with JALC as the tenor section leader and a soloist for the “Abyssinian Mass”. Currently, Kaleb sings, arranges, teaches and produces for various artists of all genres; under the persona “Klassic K-Man”. He’s also created two LLCs for artist development (The Klassic Brand and Palindrome Arts Collective) in hopes that others find their artistic identities; just like he has.

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